Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here we go!

Are you a legal store? Yes we are licensed by the BC government! 

Do you deliver?   Yes we delivery locally here in Campbell River.

Do you deliver out side of Campbell River?   Yes via Canada post through our website only.

Why does the mail delivery give me an estimated time for delivery but i live out side of Campbell River?   It is currently not working correctly, do not rely on that.

Can i pre pay?   Yes, you can do this via our online menu. Make sure you pick the correct location!

What is your age requirement?   19+

Can someone else pick up my order? Yes as long as there over the age of 19.

Do you allow babies? No but our staff are happy to assist in any way possible!

Do you offer Curbside pick up? Yes, every day were open!

Are you wheel chair accessible? Yes! We are ground level.